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We wish to say "Thank-You" to our donors for your generous support of our Vision  "Working together, Building Community, we provide recreation and community programs and services in our public facilities that enrich people's lives through shared opportunities for personal and community health." 

To date, your support has enabled us to:

  • Purchase a large TV screen for the Community Centre Atrium
  • Purchase a projector for the Community Centre Atrium
  • Purchase 6 indoor training bicycles for the Weight Room
  • Provide enhancement of the 2010 and 2011 Youth Summer Leadership Programs
  • Fund the 2012 Camp Buddies Program
  • Purchase an Access Lift for Changeroom #2 at the Aquatic Centre
  • Purchase the children's activity centre for the Aquatic Centre foyer
  • Purchase the Cypress Corner children's interactive art project - Phase II
  • Purchase 12 TRX RIP Trainers for the Weight Room
  • Purchase an inflatable play structure for gymnastics summer camps
  • Purchase the giant inflatable WIBIT pool toy for public swim and birthday parties
  • Support programs and workshops for aspiring young musicians and groups for the 2013 Youth Amplifer event
  • Support the Movement Therapy Gymnastics Program
  • Support the Movement Therapy Aquatics Program
  • Fund the Youth Friday Night Drop-In Gymnastics Program
  • Purchase the Aquatics Centre Display Case
  • Purchase the Community Music Hall Screen and Projector
  • Fund the Fun with Dad program
  • Purchase Mermaid Tails for Aquatics Programs
  • Purchase Pirate Boats for Aquatics Programs
  • Support Move More on the Shore program for lower income, inactive adults
  • Support School's Out Program (United Way Grant)
  • Fund Super Saturdays for Families

In 2014, we have already committed to fund:

  • The Movement Therapy Gymnastics Program for children with physical and cognitive delays (Funded in 2014 through an extended grant from Variety - The Children's Charity)
  • The Movement Therapy Aquatics Program for children with physical and cognitive delays (Funded in 2014 through an extended grant from Variety - The Children's Charity)
  • The Youth Friday Night Drop-In Gymnastics Program (Funded)
  • NuStep T5XR Recumbent Cross Trainer (Purchased)
  • Fun with Dad (Funded)
  • Youth Music Workshops (Funded)
  • Ping Pong Table for Youth Lounge (Purchased)
  • Customer Services Appreciation Events (Funded)
  • Bricks, Blocks Build Festival (Funded)
  • 2014 Camp Buddies (Funded)
  • Yamaha Upright Piano and Bench (Funded)

The Board continues to fundraise throughout the year and, with your support, we will be successful in bringing added benefit to the Community and Aquatic Centres' services and programs.

Thank You!

... You Belong Here!


Your contribution supports how the Society adds value to Community Centre programs. Funds raised during the first two years of the Campaign have provided funding for a summer youth leadership program, and enabled the Society to purchase a screen and a projector for the Atrium, six spin bicycles for the Weight Room, and a second access lift for the Aquatic Centre change rooms. In the future, funds will be directed to such items as enhanced programming in the Weight Room and the Aquatic Centre, new children’s and youth initiatives, and new musical components.

For more information on the Build Community, Buy a Brick Campaign, visit http://www.wvcommunitycentressociety.ca/build-community-buy-brick

Corporate Bricks Donors   On Behalf of:  
BlueSky Properties   BlueSky Properties  
Hughes Condon Marler Architects   Hughes Condon Marler Architects  
Keith Plumbing and Heating Co. Ltd Keith Plumbing and Heating Co. Ltd  
Miles Industries Ltd   Miles Industries Ltd  
North Shore Credit Union    North Short Credit Union  
Onni Group   Evelyn by Onni  
PARC Retirement Communities PARC Retirement Communities  
Peter and Joanne Brown   Peter and Joanne Brown Foundation  
Scott C. Murray   RBC Dominion Securities Inc.  
Scott Construction   Scott Construction  
Shannon Walker   The Walker Group  

Fit Fellas



 Fit Fellas, West Vancouver

Individual Bricks Donors   On Behalf of:  
Al Thompson   Al and Sandy Thompson  
Ali Pejman   Pejman Family  
Alistair and Lorna Nimmons   Nimmons Family  
Amanda Tapping   Tapping Kovacs Family  
Andy Krawczyk   Leon and Maria Krawczyk  
Andy and Della Sandilands   Stephanie, Kate, Laura and Merrin  
Anita and John Pocekovic   Anita and John Pocekovic  
Barbara and Bob Atkinson   Jade & Kate Atkinson  
Barbara and Russell Brink   Paul, Graham, Diana Brink  
Barbara and Russell Brink   Ben Brink  
Barbara and Russell Brink   Anders Brink  
Barbara and Russell Brink   Zoe Gourlay  
Barbara and Russell Brink   Nathan Gourlay  
Barney Nunns   Fit Fellas  
Barrie Chapman   Fit Fellas  
Barrie and Lorna Sutton   Barrie and Lorna Sutton Family  
Basil Davis   Fit Fellas  
Bill and Heather Ireland   Sayer Family  
Bill and Lynn Weymark   Bill and Lynn Weymark (Weymark Engineering)  
Bob Paterson   Fit Fellas  
Bob Wilds   Fit Fellas  
Bob and Pat Pearmain   Pearmain Family  
Brent and Jan Brown   Sophia and Isaac Sieffert  
Brian and Elizabeth Bernstein   Brian, Elizabeth and Sarah Bernstein  
Brian and Merle Cobbe   Brian and Merle Cobbe  
Brock and Sharon Smeaton   Brock Smeaton and Family  
Brooke Campbell   Fit Fellas  
Bryan Stephenson   Bryan and Heather Stephenson and Family  
Caroline Kuwica   Daniel Kuwica  
Charles Corbet   The Corbets  
Chris and Anne Mooi   Anne, Chris,  Sara and Tyler  
Chris Skeans   Skeans Family  
Cliff and Dawn Lam   Cliff, Dawn, Ian and James Lam  
Craig Cameron/Cori Creed   Levi, Kai, Jett Cameron Creed  
Dale Bosa   Dale, Anna, Thea, Lola, Presley and Oliver Bosa  
Derek and Carlota Lee   Christie C. Lee    
Derek and Carlota Lee   Rachel A. Lee    
Doug and Nadia Murphy   Doug and Nadia Murphy    
Edwin and Anne Nelson   Bob and Ruth Milward and Family  
Eric Christiansen   Lexi and Jane Christiansen  
Erwen Smith   Fit Fellas  
Giulio DeCotiis   Valentino  
Giulio DeCotiis   Innocenzo  
Giulio DeCotiis   Isabella  
Guilio DeCotiis   Amelia  
Greg Fauquier   Fauquier Family  
James and Karen McDonald   Sarah and Jessica McDonald  
Jamal and Shahla Siadat   Siadat Family  
James and Jennifer Hatton   Hatton Family  
James and Jennifer Hatton   Ava and John Hatton  
Jane Baynham   Kelsey & David Baynham  
Jason Jennings   Jason Jennings and Family  
Jason Soprovich   Soprovich Family  
Jess Ketchum   Bob & Marie Smith  
Jess Ketchum   Jess and Ramona Ketchum  
Jess Ketchum   Barbara Miles-Luthy  
Joan and Andrew Pottinger   Pottinger Family  
Jason Jennings   Jason Jennings and Family  
John Jennings   Jennings Family  
John and Connie Hart   Madison and Marlowe Hart  
Julie Miller   Julie Miller  
Karen Shatilla   Mark & Kristen Panneton  
Karen Vail   Eric Panz  
Karim and Saiba Lalji   Saiba, Karim, Kian, Razaan & Safeer Lalji  
Kay Alsop   Kay Alsop  
Ken and Maureen Campbell   Helen Campbell  
Kirsty Farquharson   Clan Farquharson  
Larry Killick   George and Lois Killick  
Larry Killick   Larry, Hime, Kai and Kaitlen Killick  
Lesya and Steve Adehlph   Adehlph Family  
Liz Leduc   Liz Leduc  
Margaret Rowlett   Eleanor Jones  
Martin Gerber   Gerber Family  
Martin Miles & Barbara Miles-Luthy   Christoph, Daniel and Simone Miles and Families  
Mary and Ken Downie   Ken and Mary Downie  
Mary Peck   Peck Family  
Mary Peck   Mary Peck  
Mary-Ann Booth   Booth-Sampson Family  
Mel Martin   Fit Fellas  
Merle and Brian Cobbe   Brian and Merle Cobbe  
Michael and Diane Noble   Michael and Diane Noble  
Michael Smith   Evelyn Patchell  
Michael Smith   Austin Patchell  
Mike and Ruth Powell   Mike and Ruth Powell  
Nadia Vidas   Abby and Aiden, Nadia and Doug Vidas Hammond  
Nancy Smeal   Smeal/Jennings Family  
Nanhui Jiang   Nanhui Jiang Family  
Neil and Sharon Soper   Neil and Sharon Soper  
Nelson and Monica Bradshaw   Mary and Klaus Priebe  
Nemtin Consultants Ltd   Howard and Coleen Nemtin  
Nora Shacklock   Dorene Thompson  
Olga Kotelko   Olga Kotelko  
Pamela Meneguzzi   Milan and Theo Meneguzzi  
Patricia Bolton   Michael and Patricia Bolton  
Patricia Campbell   Jim and Enda Jardine  
Pat and Steve Hardman   Sadie Quinn Hardman  
Pat and Bob Williamson   Rob and Pat Williamson  
Paul and Jenny Hippel   Ethan, Matthew and Emelia Hippel  
Paul and Jenny Hippel   Christer and Christine Hulten  
Penny & Christine Jones/Pedersen   Peter Jones  
Peter DeLuise   DeLuise Family  
Phil Chemerika   Warren and Scarlett Chemerika  
Ralph and Helen Hoffman   Ralph and Helen Hoffman  
Ralph and Sharon Turfus   Ralph and Sharon Turfus  
Randy and Tina Powell   Randy and Tina Powell  
Rika Salo   Salo Family  
Robert Fairweather   Bob and Kazue Fairweather  
Roddy MacKenzie   Fit Fellas  
Ronald and Ardelle Cliff   Ron and Ardelle Cliff  
Ryan Beedie   Beedie Family  
Salima Rajan   Rajan-Hossini Family  
Samir and Sheena Manji   Kiyaana, Celina and Isaac Manji  
Shafiq and Fatima Gulamani   Kaden, Amin and Karina Gulamani  
Sharla Krywuluk   Ed Tchorzewski  
Stuart Lang   Stuart, Helen, Alexandra & Jennifer Lang  
Stuart and Della McLaughlin   Stuart and Della McLaughlin  
Susan Anderson   Phyllis & John Dunn  
Susan Evans   Evans Family  
Talal Yassin   Yassin Boys  
Ted Lanning   Fit Fellas  
Tina Powell   Mason Powell  
Walter Burian   Fit Fellas  
William and Myong Mainguy   Mainguy Family  
BNSF Railway   Forum on Dialogue and Learning  
Bridge Studios Ltd   Forum on Dialogue and Learning  
British Pacific Properties   Forum on Dialogue & Learning*  
CIBC   On behalf of Human Alghabi  
CIBC Wood Gundy West Vancouver   WIBIT Inflatable for Aquatic Centre  
Ford Canada   Community benefit  
Hatch Ltd   Forum on Dialogue and Learning  
Hollyburn Properties Ltd   Forum on Dialogue and Learning*  
Lily Lee   Lily and Robert Lee (RHL Foundation)  
Lohn Foundation   2012 Summer Volunteer Program for Youth  
Port Metro Vancouver   Forum on Dialogue and Learning  
RBC Royal Bank   Forum on Dialogue & Learning*  
SmartPoint Research Inc.   On behalf of Barbara Brink  
TD Bank   On behalf of Human Alghabi*  
Terence Walsh   Preschool Climbing Wall  
* Repeat Donation      
For our Pumpkin Fest sponsors/donors, please click here for the Pumpkin Fest webpage. We would like to thank our ongoing sponsors of Pumpkin Fest, including Park Royal for its continued support as Presenting Sponsor.


Tuesday November 7th. Doors open 6.30 om, event starts at 7.00 pm (Music Hall, West Vancouver Community Centre). For tickets, please click on the poster to be directed to Eventbrite.


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